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We’re not perfect. To help anyone who wants to make a complaint about what we do or how we do it, we have a Complaints Procedure that ensures issues are handled in an efficient, transparent and fair way.

To make a complaint, write an email or letter to the OneMusic Complaints Officer including your full name and contact details.

Address it to:

OneMusic New Zealand
Attn: Complaints
PO Box 6315
Wellesley Street
Auckland 1141

Or Email:

Alternative Dispute Resolution

APRA (on behalf of OneMusic) provide an Alternative Dispute Resolution facility for faster and less expensive resolution of certain disputes with licensees or potential licensees. 

Disputes may relate to the terms of the licence, whether a licence is required at all, or how much music is being played at the licensee's premises. These disputes can nearly always be referred to the Copyright Tribunal or go through the conventional judicial process to be resolved. However, we realise that the Copyright Tribunal and any judicial process can be expensive and time consuming dispute resolution forums, which is why we provide an Alternative Dispute resolution process.  

For more information regarding the Alternative Dispute Resolution process, visit the APRA website.