Our Members

OneMusic provides a music licensing service on behalf of the songwriter, composer and music publisher members of APRA and the recording artist and record label members of Recorded Music NZ.

The members of APRA and Recorded Music NZ assign their public performance rights to each organisation. By doing this they give APRA and Recorded Music NZ the ability to grant music licences on their behalf, providing a quick and efficient way for music users to get the permission they need to play music in public.

To make the process even easier, APRA and Recorded Music NZ have created a single music licence under OneMusic, covering both their respective memberships, so the permission from both groups can be obtained by holding one simple licence.

The range of musical works and sound recordings represented by OneMusic extends to virtually all music released commercially, including music released internationally. OneMusic represents over ten million songs worldwide; if you would like to check if a song is administered by OneMusic you can search the APRA AMCOS website – www.apraamcos.co.nz.

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