Who We Are

OneMusic is a joint initiative between APRA and Recorded Music NZ (previously known as PPNZ Music Licensing). We exist to simplify the music licensing process, offering a single music licence that covers both the copyright in the music (owned by the songwriter) and the recording (owned by the record company/artist).

These rights in New Zealand are created by the Copyright Act 1994 and historically music users were required to take out separate licence from APRA (on behalf of the songwriter) and Recorded Music NZ (on behalf of the record company and artist).

Combining the membership and repertoire represented by APRA and Recorded Music NZ, OneMusic provides efficient blanket music licences to music users providing legal access to use music in all its various forms. We collect licence income and distribute this income as royalties to our songwriter, composer, publisher, recording artist and record label members This enables the creation of more music for you to enjoy.

OneMusic licence offers a range of licence options to suit every way you use music.