Background Music Suppliers

Music means business. Studies continue to show that playing music has positive effects on businesses across services and industries. It makes people linger longer in retail stores, it has been shown to increase customer spend in hospitality businesses, it keeps people entertained while waiting on hold, it keeps staff happier at work and it can strengthen brand perception.

With so much at stake it’s worth paying special attention to the music you play in your business.

Creating the perfect music mix for your business can be time consuming - a constant challenge to find fresh music that hits the mark with your target audience. Beyond music selection, there are also technical considerations around file quality and volume levels between songs that can make the simple act of putting on some tunes more complicated than it appears.

For these reasons businesses often choose to use Background Music Suppliers – professional music consultants that take the headache out of selecting music for your business.

Below is a list of Background Music Suppliers that supply music to New Zealand businesses – contact them directly to discuss your requirements using the links below.

An important note on music licensing. Some Background Music Suppliers pay the OneMusic public performance fee on behalf of their clients, meaning that their clients pay just one bill that covers all of their music requirements. If the Background Music Supplier you use does not pay the public performance fee on your behalf, it’s important to note that you will need to take out a public performance licence from OneMusic directly.

Browse the links below to find the right supplier for your business.